Meet the Creator – Avani Collective

Brooke is one of Sydney’s most inspirational interior stylists.  Longtime receiver of Petal Post flowers, we grabbed a few simple styling tips from her that will turn your space around.  

You can check out Brooke’s aesthetic at  They stock a range of beautiful yet unique crafted homewares.  You can also check out Brook’s latest flower stylign video below.  


Five Styling Tips to Make Your House a Home

When it comes to art & mirrors oversized pieces can make a big statement.  Invest in a piece that you really love and place it in a key position, like above your bed or sofa.  You can then set the stage for you styling pieces.  A large piece means you don’t have to clutter the room as this will be your star attraction.
Make a grouping of decor that is of similarity, ie; colours, shapes and sizes.  Together they become a strong design element as a whole rather than individually.
A collection of scatter cushions in different shapes and sizes, colours and textures can add dimension and interest to a sofa or bed. 
A great way to accessorise your space is by adding some greenery or flowers, this helps open up and freshen the room whilst adding a colour pop.
Throws can add warmth, texture and colour to a room.  By simply throwing one over the sofa or at the end of the bed it will enhance your space and make it feel like a home.