Five Questions with a Fabulous Lady of Wine 


We recently met up with Jane Thomson, winner of the ‘Digital Wine Communicator of the Year’ award in both 2016 and 2013 to discuss her new book; The Fabulous Ladies Guide to Wine’ 

Jane is also the founder of the ‘The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society’.  

Tell us about your new book!

The Fabulous Ladies’ Guide to Wine is Australia’s first ever book specifically for – and about – women who love wine and those who produce it. It’s the must-have book for any wine loving woman who wants to learn a little more about her favourite beverage!  

It contains all the wine information you need to know, and none of the boring stuff you don’t, presented in a fully illustrated, fun and fabulous style.  

Plus, you can discover the stories, secret recipes and favourite food and wine matches from some of this country’s top women in wine. And it includes a guide on the most fabulous wineries to visit in Australia, with a focus on female producers.  

What inspired you to start The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society? 

I am a woman who loves wine, and I wanted to develop a community for all women who love wine where we could sip, swirl and enjoy ourselves. It was also important to me that we provide opportunity to learn about and support female producers at the same time, as – even though it’s 2018 – the chances still are that the wine you love drinking is made entirely by men. We need to do more to support our women in wine!  

Why just women? 

Wine not? Conversations are always different when women get together on their own. Why not make that about wine? Plus, it creates a fun, safe space for women to learn and enjoy themselves.  

Part of our ethos at Petal Post is to support Australian growers. Is this something you focus on at The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society? 

That’s all we do. We are always about Australian producers – and in particular, female producers!  

What’s your favourite flower? 

The white oriental lily. There’s something about the purity of white with green foliage, combined with the intensity of fragrance, that sees me have them in my home almost weekly. 

Petal Post are thrilled to be gifting a signed copy of The Fabulous Ladies Guide to Wine as well as a Fresh Flower Box to one lucky winner as we know our flower community enjoy the finer the things in life – including wine. We also love supporting all Australian growers whether they are growing flowers or grapes! 


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