Who needs love hearts and soppy teddies? 


There will be many out there who are slumping into a pit of gloom as we shuttle closer to that dread of all singletons – Valentine's Day. No boyfriend to buy you fresh flowers? No girlfriend to cook a special meal? It's a day to stay under the duvet watching sad films and feeling like a loser. A day dedicated to your unlovableness…


Stop! Move away from the soppy card displays and the Valentine's Day specials in restaurants. Turn off those romance films playing in your head and quit feeling sorry for yourself. Take a moment to think about which people in your life bring you riches beyond all others and what their love really means. This is what you should be celebrating on 14th February. 


Whilst families can be wonderful and romance is dreamy, friends are the rocks upon which we build our lives; the supports that enable us to cope with the bad and embrace the good. Science suggests that friendship can extend your life, keep you healthy and happy, safeguard against depression and even make you feel richer.

The love between friends is rare and special, so why not use this day of lovers to remember those people who make your life better just by being in it?

Celebrating friends on Valentine's Day is not as unusual as you might think. Both Estonia and Finland associate 14th February with platonic pals, directing the affections towards friends and not lovers.

So take it back to basics this year, and use this day to make those special people in your life feel special. Let them know how much their friendship means to you by making their Valentine's day. Send your pals the 'Big Bunch of Love', a fresh selection of locally grown roses hand picked by Petal Post for their beauty and their meaning. Light pink for admiration, deep pink for appreciation and peach for gratitude.

Make February about expressing your gratitude, knowing how rich your life is for the friendships that you have. Send them some joy and appreciation, and spend Valentines' day basking in the glow of something better than one day of romance: a fabulous friend.