The final week in September offers many reasons to be happy – sunshine and warm weather are guiding us towards a long weekend and a new month! Add to the happiness by ordering this week's flower box, which dazzles with some wonderful flowers that should keep the hummingbirds happy too, if you have any buzzing around...

Our flower selection of the week has some varieties that sound like characters from a childhood novel but I promise you they are real! Kangaroo Paw (a favourite of the Hummingbird), Tiger Lily, Myrtle and Alstroemeria are the four friends waiting in your box this week....just remember to keep them cool and away from this glorious sunshine or they will wilt.

 Before we start, there are a few things to bear in mind:

- the Kangaroo Paw has a taste for flower food (so feed it!) and will be at its best if you replace the water every day

- the Tiger Lily and Alstroemeria will arrive in bud, the blooms blossoming like a wonderful surprise in the coming week.

     So you've got your box open, now its time to get arranging! We're going for a 'flat back' arrangement this week, which works perfectly against a wall somewhere.

     Step one: prepare your flowers by removing any leaves that sit below the water line in your favourite vase

    Step two: snip each stem to the desired height (this will depend on the next steps so read on..)

    Step three: rest the Tiger Lilys at the back of the vase for height

    Step four: snip the Alstroemeria stems to slightly shorter and pop them either side of the Tiger Lily

    Step five: fill the gaps with the Kangaroo Paw, alternating the colours to make it look pretty

    Step six: snip the Myrtle to the shortest length yet and use to fill in all the gaps and arrange around the vase

    Step seven: admire your handiwork and smile!

    Before you go...

    We wanted to say a huge thanks to all who supported the UNICEF fundraiser last night. Over $6000 was raised, with all proceeds going toward life-saving nutrition programs for children in South East Asia and to aid the Nepal Earthquake Children's Appeal. Congratulations to the inspirational Elizabeth Libby Lang, and good luck with the trek to Everest Base Camp! You can add your dollars to fund a fantastic cause here.