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As Sydney basks in sunshine outside, bring a bit of the brilliant glory inside (without that roasting heat) with this week's beautiful flower selection. It even features a flower so lovely the Romans would dip it in gold to maximise the magnificence! How's that for a compliment?

But personally, I'd advise against dunking your Calla Lilies (Berkshire Park) in precious metals this week, as their white prettiness is charming enough solo, and even lovelier with the accompanying Paper Daisy (from Mangrove Mountain), Alstroemeria (Central Coast), Wax Flower (WA) and some ever-dependable, local Eucalyptus. It's a fine selection to start October if I say so myself!

This floral flock will arrive in a box all ready for their pinky-white hues to be gathered together in your favourite vase for a romantic display that will melt your heart this week. All you have to do is follow our instructions to create a picture perfect display.

Before you dive in, here are some things to bear in mind to maximise your flowers:

  • The Alstroemeria will arrive in bud and bloom over the coming days – it just gets better and better!  
  • The Calla Lily stems are mostly water and will begin to deteriorate if fully submerged – use only about two inches of water mixed with flower food in the vase.  
  • Try to leave some of the white part at the end of the Calla Lily stems to keep them from splitting as they age. If they do split, re-cut them.
  • Calla Lilies are thirsty flowers so replenish their water daily.

    Now, you've got the beauties and you've picked your vase, let's get arranging!

    1. Prepare your flowers by removing any lower leaves that sit below the water line in your favourite vase.
    2. Before you place each stem in the vase, cut it to the desired height (this depends on the next steps, so read on before you snip!).
    3. Take the tallest Eucalytpus and rest at the back of the vase to give your arrangement height.      
    4. Snip the pink and white Alstroemeria to varying heights and dot around the sides with the shortest stems toward the front.
    5. Place your Calla Lilies on one side of the vase and balance with the Paper Daisies on the other side, like a sunshine see-saw!
    6. Fill in the gaps with your Wax Flower.
    7. Take the shorter Eucalyptus stems and slide them into the sides and at the front of your vase.
    8. Admire your flower arranging prowess and bask in the beauty of the bouquet.

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