5 Ways to Bring Autumn into Your Home ~ with Amira

5 ways to bring autumn - Colour, Texture, Pattern, Decorative Accents, Flowers

Finally, Autumn is amongst us, it’s one of my favourite seasons. The best part is the beautiful warm colours that create such a cosy ambience around the home, the sun shining while a soft cool breeze is in the air. All of which makes Autumn so perfect!
Autumn is all about adding elements of nature and Rustic hues to your existing décor. Here are 5 things to bring Autumn into your home.

4. Decorative Accents

I like to decorate with accents that reflect me and my personality. Whether it be lamps or decorative wicker baskets simple reflections of my style are what make me so happy. During Autumn I love using wicker baskets & lanterns- they work so well with the cosy vibe I try to create.

5. Flowers

Lastly, decorating with natures beauty must be one of my favourite aspects of styling my home! Flowers bring me so much happiness that having them in my home every week using Petal Post Sydney has been amazing!

I personally love my white florals, but I also like to use seasonal florals as a way of bringing the season into my home! Flowers I absolutely adore to have in my home during Autumn if they’re available at the time, they have to be; Sunflowers, Daisies, Cotton stems and of course Eucalyptus which dry so beautifully.

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1. Colour

Including a beautiful and warm colour palette. Soft Mustards, Terracotta, Rust along with a lovely sage all scream bring Autumn into your home!

I believe the colour is what makes the room inviting and cosy. I’ve taken a neutral colour approach for bigger furniture and I love to experiment with seasonal colours creating a warm and welcoming home.

2. Texture

In my home texture is all about ‘Furnishings’’ – rugs, throw blankets and lots of cushions.

During Autumn I opt for all things knitted. Knitted throw blankets are always my favourite! Mixing and matching cushions have always been my way of adding texture to a room.

3. Pattern

Very much like texture, I find the pattern is just as important! I like to add subtle florals, paisley prints and mix them through some plain colour cushions to create an inviting space.

The pattern can be used in anything; the rug, cushions or even a throw blanket. Getting creative and seeing what works is how I like to decide.

‘’Home- It’s your sanctuary.
It is the one place where you can walk in, sit down, and be yourself. Whether you rent it, remodelled it, or built it with your own hands, let’s face it, you care for your home because this is your safe haven.’’ – Stacy K
FLOWER STYLing with Amira