Flower Care


Firstly, take a few moments to enjoy unboxing your Petal Post flowers.  Your fresh flower experience begins when you first take in the details on the box and the flower cards within. 
Your flowers are never long without a water source, during their journey to you their stems remain hydrated with eco-wraps.  They will, however, appreciate a drink of fresh water, snip 2cm from their stems on a 45-degree angle and place them in a clean vessel with fresh water while you prepare your vase.
Choosing the right vase can make a big difference in how your flowers are displayed, here are some suggestions.  Once you’ve chosen the perfect vase it’s time to get styling!
Our flower selections always include focal flowers, filler flowers & foliage so you can build your arrangement using textures and colours.  Each delivery includes styling tips on how you might like to arrange your flowers.  We also post weekly videos for your inspiration pleasure!  
Remember, keep your water topped up and snip the stems every other day for long lasting blooms.


Be it Stargazer, Tiger, Easter or Casablanca, Lilies have a long vase life, with each bloom opening one after the other.  Depending on the variety, each stem can have up to eight buds that open from the bottom of the stem up extending their longevity. 


Before your flowers begin their journey to you we lovingly prepare them in our studio.  We remove all the thorns from the Roses, but occasionally we might miss one, you can gently snap them off with your thumb.   
The outer petals on a Rose are known as ‘guard petals’, these protect the inner petals during transit so we leave these on.  Often they’re curly, differing in colour from the inner bloom, giving the Rose character and adding to its natural beauty.  If you prefer to remove these from your Rose hold the stem toward the bloom head and pull them gently off.  
Different Rose varieties behave differently as they age in your vase. Some blooms open fully, others keep their shape their petals changing colour.