How to make an Easter Wreath with Flowers

Easter Flower Wreath tutorial
Easter Wreath flower map


Bunny Tail

Everlasting Daisy


Rice Flower


Regelia foliage

Eco Flower Wreath Sustainable Materials

Building the base

Make a wreath with chicken wire.  Choosing a natural foliage that dries well makes the perfect base to insert flower stems into to hold them into place.  We used Eucalyptus.

Easter Flower Wreath tutorial

lots of texture!

silky phyllica, fluffy bunny tail, delicate hydrangea placed in a circular motion with yellow billy buttons & extra wheat to finish off.

Easter Wreath Tutorial

begin with three ingredients

using paper daisies, clusters of small details like rice flower your wreath begins to take shape.  we used wheat to wrap around the centre to hide the mechanics.

Easter Wreath with dried flowers

adorn your wall or table

This everlasting wreath will last for at least 6 months, with some elements even longer.  Replace with more florals if you wish.