Meet the Flowers – Ruby Zing

Ruby Zing - easter Daisy, Solid Aster, Carnations, Billy Buttons


Meet the Flowers – Ruby Zing includes the following beautiful flowers in every bunch

Deep Purple Rose – Glenorie

Easter Daisy – Peats Ridge

Solid Aster – Lake Munmorah

Pixie Carnations – Dural

Billy Buttons – Central Coast

Deep Purple Rose – Dumont Rose Gardens, Glenorie

The purple rose undeniably symbolises royalty and simultaneously invokes a feeling of love at first sight.

Solidaster – Lake Munmorah

As the perfect filler, Solidaster is a hybrid. It is named after both its parents, Solidago and Aster.

Easter Daisy – Dominello Flower Growers, Peats Ridge

These delicate daisies have both excellent vase life, and bloom in the months around Easter.

Craspedia – Central Coast

These ‘Billy Balls’ make perfect dried flowers. Because of their everlasting nature, they symbolise good health.