Bucking the Red Rose trend this Valentines Day

On this most sacred of flower days, we ask the question – what is it really about? Is it the only day in the calendar solely reserved for the Expression of Love? We hope not!  Its roots are based in subtle acknowledgement and appreciation of another.

Sure, it’s about romance. Absolutely! Beginning in ancient Rome with Saint Valentinus who sent a letter to someone he cured of blindness just before his execution signed “Your Valentine”.

Then in the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer ignited the current tradition in his circle of friends. After a while (let’s say another couple of hundred years) it was about hand written cards and gifts that symbolised the flourishing of courtly love.





SWEET AVALANCHE: Southern Highlands


Don’t get me wrong, there’s no V-Day Grinch happening here. We love to be recognised and appreciated!  However, it’s actually become just about the most un-romantic day of the year. The overtly sized gifts, flowers and balloons are delivered to offices across the nation. for all to see in glaring overstatement. The true expression of love is being lost.

In our third year of cutting out the red rose, we’ve created a bunch for the lovers, the non-lovers, for the people in your life who you truly care for.  Our ‘Big Bunch of Love’ symbolises of ‘admiration, gratitude & friendship’.  Locally grown Sydney roses, the colours chose for their meaning.  They’re delivered in a box and the recipient creates their own arrangement.  It is far more memorable because it is unexpected. That’s how we like it.

No longer just men buying stereotypical red roses for women, we are promoting Valentine’s Day as an occasion where you show gratitude to your favourite person, whoever that may be – your partner, your BFF, your Mum … or even yourself.

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