Meet the Grower – Grandiflora Roses

Do you ever stop and think about where your flowers are grown?
According to the Federal Department of Agriculture, during February 2017, 9 million rose stems were imported from overseas!!
This increase of flower imports to Australia puts huge pressure on our local growers (source: The Flower Association).


FARM: Grandiflora Roses

LOCATION: Skye, Victoria


HISTORY: Owned and operated by the Schreuder family since 1954. 

As you know our Petal Post Boxes only ever include Australian grown flowers, many of our selections feature roses from Grandiflora.  Recently I visited the farm to meet with Darren Baldrey, who gave me a personal tour of the facilities.  I was blown away by the sheer size of the operation site, with 11 greenhouses and state of the art equipment used to count, sort and bundle the roses.
It is easy to see why Grandiflora is leading the country, if not the world in premium quality roses.
Grandiflora has its own cut rose breeding program & publish annual Collection Guide showcasing an impressive range of roses.  Believe me, it’s a lovely edition on one’s bookcase. 
Personally, I love using Grandiflora product.  Not only is their selection abundant, heir state of the art technology provides a consistent premium rose with an excellent vase life.