Meet the Grower – Romswood Peony Farm

One misty Spring morning in 2017 I paid a visit to one of Australia’s best Peony farms.  Romswood stole my heart with its graceful gardens & romantic charm.  
Nestled deep in the Macedon Ranges, the farm has had a long history of produce from dairy to raspberry & strawberry, to the cattle stud farm and then finally a Peony farm some thirty years ago.
Virginia & Bernie McIntosh have owned and operated Romswood since 2013 and have an unparalleled passion for the upkeep of this stunning location and sharing it with others.


FARM: Romswood

LOCATION: Kerrie, Victoria

SPECIALITY: Herbaceous Peony, Tree Peony

HISTORY: Peony Farm 30+yrs; Macintosh Family owned & operated since 2013.

After a welcoming hot cuppa, we wandered through the established gardens and Peony beds.  As well as various herbaceous & tree peony varieties, the grounds boast many other beautiful examples of blossoms and trees.  My jaw dropped when we came across a Waratah Tree on the property perimeter. The sheer size and the vibrancy of the colour of the flowers were incredible.
Each year during Peony season the McIntosh family opens the farm gates to the public hosting Harvest Picnic Open Days on weekends in November.  Picnic amongst the paddocks of peonies as they bud & flower.  From one Peony lover to another this experience will feed your soul!