Top 5 Highlights ~ Melbourne Flower Show ~ with Zoe

Melbourne Flower Show

Its the 24th year of The Melbourne International Flower And Garden Show & it’s bigger than ever.  After all, it is the largest garden & floral event in the Southern Hemisphere!  Hosted in the vast grounds of Carlton Gardens and historic Royal Exhibition Building, 2-day tickets are available so you have plenty of time to see it all.

My partner in crime was my favourite Botanical Photographer, an artist in her own right, Elise of Floragraphica,  We managed the show in one day and subsequently clocked up over 50k steps between two of us. Well deserved, we had our fair share of Melbourne coffee and undeniably delectable eats! But that’s for another blog…

In any case, here are our highlights from the show.

1.  A sensational array of flowers

Without reservation, there was a sensational array of flowers.  We expected that there would be but it is important to note that it was beyond expectation! There were glorious Dahlias, perfectly formed Fushcias, Sedum planted en masse.  Photos below taken on my iPhone, Floragraphica had the serious equipment out so will share these on social soon!

There was so much to take in from the onset, a visual display of botanicals and it was hard not to be a little overexcited.  Our questions for the growers were answered with country charm and vast knowledge.




2. The Great Hall of Flowers

Worthy of a visit at any time the Royal Exhibition Building is one of the world’s oldest remaining exhibition pavilions.

Here, floral artists enter their botanical creations into different categories. These categories such as ‘Visual Display’, Flowers Victoria’s Wedding Table Display’, & ‘Window Floral Display’ are in a word, stunning. Favourites from the day are pictured below.

Flower Show Melbourne Jenny Burke Florsit

‘home is where the heart is’ – Jenny Burke Florist

Gold – Window Floral Design Competition

Peninsula Wild Flowers

Peninsula Wild Flowers, Mornington

Flowers Victoria Wedding Table

Floral Fashion

3. The Achievable Gardens

It is worth pointing out that the achievable gardens were anything but achievable by our standards!  The gardens we saw were all outstanding. We figured if we had all the time and patience or a landscape gardener, they would be certainly achrivable by comparison.

4. Sculpture Exhibition at Twilight

After popping back to our hotel for a quick cup of chai to restore the energy levels, we took to the gardens for round two.  The Sculpture Exhibition at Twilight was a lovely way to end the day, without the crowds we got to meet with the artists themselves and learn about their passion for their crafts.

5. The Presecco Van

As dusk turned to night, our evening was complete when we stumbled upon the Prosecco Van.  Two glasses each was the perfect way to end a full on day.

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show presented by Lawn Solutions Australia will return for its 25th anniversary in 2020, dates will be announced soon on

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  1. Julie says:

    What a lovely event to have experienced – the descriptions of the flowers and the photos made my mouth water, and a Prosecco Van to top it off!
    Looking forward to the photos by Elise.

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