Our Packaging

The Petal Post Flower Box

Designed in 2015, the original Petal Post Box hasn’t changed much since we launched.  Slim enough to carry under one arm with room to fit a whole bouquet snuggly inside.  The box provides the perfect protection to transport flowers safe from the elements, whilst the eco-wraps keep the flowers hydrated & happy during their journey to you.
The Petal Post Box has recently had a makeover.  A collaboration between florist & photographer inspired our creative team to imagine a new Petal Post Box.  Our boxes have always been beautiful on the inside, now they are equally as beautiful the outside.
Artwork for our boxes was created by Fiore + Lume Botanical Photography.
With growing demand for more flowers and bigger bunches, we now offer a Petal Post Boost Box, double the flowers & foliage.  We have designed a larger box to fit your larger bunches for transport.
Our pledge to only ever to offer Australian grown flowers & foliage reduces the impact our business has on our environment.  By turning our back on imported product we reduce our carbon footprint.
As well as our locally grown blooms, respect is at the heart of our business: from the relationships with local growers, businesses and artisans, to our customers and the earth — so we use biodegradable and recycled materials to ensure we leave minimal footprint.
Our Flower Boxes use 100% recycled materials and made right here in Sydney by an Australian owned company.
The flower cards included in every Flower Box are fully recyclable & biodegradable, using pulps made from fully managed forests, and free from heavy metals.  All other materials in each Flower Box are either fully biodegradable or compostable. 
We think we can do more – we are actively working toward becoming Carbon Neutral recognised business by 2020.