To make sure your Petal Post flower arrangements are long lasting & beautiful, simply follow these steps.

Some flowers have more specific care instructions, so be sure to check with the info card included with your flowers.

  • Start with a clean vase and clean sharp scissors or secateurs. Cleanliness is paramount for your petals!
  • Prepare your vase by adding the correct does of floral food to tepid water. This will greatly increase the vase life of your blooms.
  • Cut 2 – 3 cm from the bottom of the flower and foliage stems under running water at a 45-degree angle to enable absorption of water.
  • Remove all foliage that will be under the water line to delay bacteria growth.
  • Place flowers into prepared water at room temperature away from direct sunlight & drafts allowing them to re-hydrate. Keep flowers away from any fruit as fruit releases ethylene, which will make your blooms mature more quickly.
  • If your flowers appear wilted after a day recut the stems following the directions above.   Be sure to remove any wilting flowers or foliage from the arrangement, this will encourage other flowers to bloom, lasting longer.
  • Change the water every two days, with flower food, recutting the stems. During Sydney’s warmer months top up the water every other day.
  • So that you get the most out of your flowers, often they'll arrive in early bloom. Some flowers will last longer than others.

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your petals please get in touch