• Rehydrate your flowers and foliage by popping them in water
    for an hour. We’ve chosen a combination of fresh petals and longer lasting foliage so you get the most out of your Wreath.

  • When working with floral foam be careful not to get any on your skin as it can irritate, wear your gloves! Fill a sink or bucket with clean water. Float the ring, foam side down, plastic side up. No need to plunge the ring, as it takes up water it will slowly sink taking about a minute. Once this is done pop it aside until you're ready.
  • Grab the wire, thread through the ring, twist it onto it self to make a loop. This is where you will thread your gold ribbon to hang your Wreath, one of the final steps.


  • After your flowers have had a good drink you’re ready to begin. Remember to have fun with the process, your Wreath will look spectacular!



  • Tip: Be confident as you poke each stem into the floral foam.  You don't want to take a stem out two or three times replacing it.  Too much fiddling will result in foam with lots of holes.  As you build layers of foliage, you can create balance as you go.
  • Tip: Use as much as you can from the flowers and stems, snipping to length as you go. Every little texture can add to the end result of a beautiful Wreath!
  • Begin with the Ruscus, snip each leaf with a short stem to poke into the foam. These are to be placed around the sides of the wreath, the leaf facing out.
  • Next take the Rosemary and bend into a circle around the inner middle of your Wreath. 
  • Now the fun begins! The placement of the greenery. Work in one circlular direction, poking each stem in this same direction. This will give your wreath lovely shape.  Start with the seeded Leucadendron (silver large seeds), strip approx 1cm off the bottom stems of foilage.  Place these around your wreath.
  • Move on to your Berzillia (small green berry clusters). Snip off clusters of berries and place. Your Eucalyptus leaves will to add softness and coverage.
  • Now add some colour with the smaller flowers, cutting shorter stems as you go.  Be gentle as some stems can be fragile, as you poke them into the foam use your fingers to support the stems.


  • Finally your fresh flowers can be placed - your Alstroemeria and Lisianthus.  Some of these will arrive in bud and will open slightly over the coming days.
  • Once you've placed all of your main flowers & foliage stand back and check for symmetry.  You can use up any leftovers if you think it needs it.
  • Carefully thread the ribbon through the wire and your Wreath is ready to hang or use as a table centrepiece. Keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Every other day lay your Wreath flat and give it a drink, the floral foam holds quiet a lot of water so it shouldn’t take much topping up. Allow to drip over a sink for a couple of seconds before popping it back in it’s position. As your fresh petals begin to age, they’ll discolour. Simply remove these so you get the most out of your Wreath.
    Well done!  We're certain you have done a spectacular job to be admired by all.  Please share your creativity with us on our social media or email.  Happy Holidays from the team at Petal Post xx