A simply beautiful way to reach your clients, Petal Post offers a convenient and affordable service that makes a lasting impact on the most important people in your business.

If you've got multiple gifts to send, simply send us the CSV file and we'll curate, package and post on your behalf.  

We're a helpful bunch, here's how it works - 

  • Our flowers are sourced to order direct from local farmers, often picked the day before they are received by your clients.

  • Simply order through our website, or get in touch and allow us to arrange regular deliveries to your clients.

  • Send long lasting flowers that make an impact - delivered to your client's doorstep with arrangement tips and specific flower info in each box.  Company collatoral and personalisation included at no additional charge.

    Say thank you, build relationships, increase sales through the gift of flowers. Get in touch using the form below and find out how we can help with our fresh flower service.



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