Petal Post is Sydney's online fresh-cut flower service providing market fresh flowers, next day delivery, in a gorgeous bespoke box.  Gift box or regular delivery - check out this week's selection here.

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Each weekday, Monday to Friday, we're at the markets before dawn selecting quality Australian flowers from our growers so Sydneysiders can have gorgeous seasonal flowers that same day.  Our flowers are chosen based on freshness, quality and seasonality.  Although we can't tell you in advance what flowers you'll be receiving, we can assure you they'll always be fresh and gorgeous.  

Your flowers are carefully packed in our specially designed slim-line box. Our boxes are not only designed to keep our petals protected, they are slim-lined and light-weight making it easy to receive at work, and carry home in one hand.  You will be amazed at how many flowers and foliage is inside!  A gorgeous selection of blooms and foliage are chosen for you to style at home or workplace.  The box is made from recycled paper, and is fully recyclable.

We make arranging flowers creative, accessible and affordable.

So... can we come to an arrangement?