How to Keep your Tulips from Drooping

Tulips can have a fantastic vase-life and are really simple to care for. Follow these tips to keep your Tulips stems from drooping too low, so you get the most from your flowers.

Choose Tulips that are closed with just a hint of colour, you’ll get the most from the blooms as open.  Generally, in this early stage, the stems are straight.  Because we purchase your flowers to order, when you receive Tulips in your Petal Post Flower Box they’ll be as described above – petal perfect!

Straight vs drooping

Tulips are phototropic, meaning they turn toward the light & continue to grow in the vase once cut.  Often their colour intensifies or pales, the bloom swells and petals slowly unfurl causing their stems to bend gracefully, drooping in still motion.

If you love your Tulips upright, a tall vase is the best choice, providing support.  If you fancy a more care-free style the way nature intended, a shorter vase will allow the stems to grow and move toward the light.


As your Tulips grow their heads will become heavy, their blooms opening.  Refresh with cool water each day, snip the stems short enough so the edge of the vase acts as a support.  This will stop the stems from becoming bent, while still allow for the graceful movement that are unique to these beautiful blooms.  Personally, I love a drooping Tulip!


Turn the vase each day to help keep your tulips stay upright, or pop-under a natural light source, like a sky-light.  Continue to snip the tulips down until they fit into a bud vase, you can split the bunch and enjoy them as a single stem.

If you’re still wanting more you can read about the history of Tulips over on Floragraphica.


Condition & Hydrate

Once you’ve got your Tulips home and ready to give them your undivided attention, prepare a clean vase with fresh cool water.  Soft stems demand just an inch of water, this will help with their vase-life.  Strip the bottom leaves from the stems, gently wash any soil sediment that may be caught under these leaves, snip the stems straight across to the perfect height for your vase.  Time for a drink … pop the tulips in water.